KLT-6210 N1

KLT-6210 N1

ROSON Dental Units

-The Roson KLT-6210 series dental unit is also Roson’s most cost-effective product.

-The main themes of this dental chair are economy, class, practicality and simplicity.

-To date, this dental chair has been sold to more than 100 countries and regions

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G.W: 190kg Package Size: 950*1150*1200mm Power supply:
  • Electrical supply: 220V/AC(110V/AC)/50/60HZ
  • Water supply:0.2—0.40MPa/2.0-4.0bar;4L/min
  • Air supply:0.55-080 Mpa ;70L/min
  • Master switch for air / water / electricity supply
1Standard configuration:
No Configuration Quantity
1 3-way syringe(cold/hot) 2
2 Powerful suction device 1
3 Saliva ejector 1
4 Dentist Stool (RS-S3) 1
5 Dental LED light 1
6 Warm water system 1
7 Pure water supply system 1
8 Rotatable ceramic spittoon 1
9 DC 24V motor driven chair 1
10 Multifunctional assisant device 1
11 LED x-ray viewer 1
  2Technical parameter:  
Focus sign No Specific
Patient Seat 1 Large and comfortable patient seat, cushion width 540mm
2 Double-joint headrest for reclining children and rickets
3 Double armrests, swivel right armrest for easy patient entry and exit
4 The built-in floor box has no exposed pipelines, avoiding the spread of odors, neat and beautiful, and easy to clean
5 Water, gas and electricity one-button master switch to turn on and off the water, gas and electricity operation is fast and simple, preventing the water and gas pipeline from being loosened due to long-term pressure
Main control 6 The large instrument tray (650*300mm) is convenient for storing items
7 Hygienic pads to prevent countertops from being polluted
8 Overall handle, beautiful and easy to clean
9 1 pc three syringe , 3pc handpiece tubes, reserved for scaler hangers
10 LED X-ray viewer
LED light 11 Four-bead LED dental light, Philips light beads
12 Stepless brightness adjustment, optional infrared sensor or manual switch
13 Illumination adjustment: 7000--32000Lux; Power: 2--7W; Color rendering index CRI: 85%
Pedal 14 Multifunctional foot switch with hand-free flushing and water supply buttons
Spittoon 15 Sanitary ceramic spittoon that is easy to disassemble and clean
Assistant control 16 Double-jointed assistant arm with wide range of movement
17 Assistant operation key board
18 Warm water three-way syringe
19 Strong suction and weak suction
20 Reserved light curing position
Control system 21 One-button reset allows patients to exit the chair easily
22 The spitting position is convenient for patients to spit and return to the original treatment position with one key
23 Timed mouthwash water supply and spittoon flushing can be set
Dentist stool 24 The one-piece backrest and armrests are convenient for relaxing back and elbow fatigue at the same time
25 Medical silent nylon wheel
key parts 26 24V silent motor, aluminum shell with fast heat dissipation and strong durability
27 The valve body adopts German Hansheng sealing ring and American diaphragm, which is reliable and durable
28 Polyether grade water pipe Polyether grade water pipe, 98A strength, strong pressure resistance, hydrolysis resistance, tear resistance, tensile resistance, UV resistance up to 3.5 or above

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