KLT-6210 S3

KLT-6210 S3

ROSON Experience comfort and high quality dental chair S3

Roson dental comprehensive treatment chair,, can prevent accidents in the treatment process and provide a sense of safety for doctors and patients. Perfect chair back design, healthy and comfortable treatment space, bring upgrade experience to patients. New spring super sensitive touch screen, multi-function, fast and efficient operation.

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G.W: 280kg Package Size: 950*1150*1200mm Power supply:
  • Electrical supply: 220V/AC(110V/AC)/50/60HZ
  • Water supply:0.2—0.40MPa/2.0-4.0bar;4L/min
  • Air supply:0.55-080 Mpa ;70L/min
  • Master switch for air / water / electricity supply
1Standard configuration:
No Configuration Quantity
1 Cast steel chair frame 1
2 Wide butterfly backrest,cast steel back support 1
3 PU cushion 1
4 Sanitary PU foot pedal 1
5 Up and down motors 2
6 Magnetic side box doors on both sides for easy opening 1
7 Reflector LED sensor dental light: yellow/white light/mixed 1
8 24V constant temperature water heater system 1
9 Water bottle water supply system 1
10 3-way syringe(cold/hot) with stainless steel handle 1
11 Main and assistant control system 1
12 Dentist stool 1
13 180° rotatable, removable sanitary ceramic spittoon 1
14 Air and water negative pressure system 1
15 strong and weak suction stainless steel handle + silicone nozzle 1
16 Silicone handpiece tube 1
17 4-way foot control 1
18 Foot control flush, water supply control system 1
19 Hanger integrated instrument tray 1
20 LED x-ray viewer      1
      2Technical parameter:  
Focus sign No Specific
1 Integral patient seat lift frame and base plate, sanitary PU foot pad
2 Integral stamped butterfly backrest without seams, patient elbow support width 640mm
3 Quick backrest up/down, only 9 seconds from the highest position of the backrest to the lowest position
4 Headrest with push-button adjustment, full metal pillow holder
5 Seat lift range: 380~840mm; backrest pitch range: 110~183°
6 Equipped with push-pull one-key water, air and electricity main switch
7 Matte surface non-slip double handrail, the right handrail can be automatically positioned at the upper and lower ends
8 Sanitary ceramic spittoon that can be rotated 180°, the spittoon bowl can be removed for cleaning
9 Handpiece hanger, control panel integrated dentist tray, built-in film viewing lamp, control panel 30° facing the user, six hanger positions, independent adjustment of handpiece cooling water, stainless steel tray
10 a four-way rocker foot switch in the middle of the rear end of the patient seat base
11 foot control and water supply control buttons on the outside of the patient seat bottom plate
12 Strong and weak suction stainless steel handle with adjustable flow rate with silicone nozzle
13 Seat interlock safety system, the seat position control system is completely locked when the pedal is stepped on
14 One-key spit position, when the patient needs to spit, one-key lifts the backrest, and one-key returns to the original treatment position after spitting
15 Reflective LED dental light, sensor switch and luminance adjustment: yellow light/white light/mixed
16 External one-piece strong and weak suction filter, located on the assistant side
17 Integral assistant rack with sub-control panel, with 4 rack positions, can be rotated 180° horizontally
18 Magnetic side box doors on both sides for easy opening
19 Built-in floor box, with plastic power protection cover
20 The dentist stool can adjust the seat cushion, backrest height and pitch angle. The height of the seat cushion can be adjusted between 470mm-590mm, and it adopts an aluminum alloy seat frame and silent wheels.
21 Round foot switch with air control switch

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