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In 1996 .After years of working in medical product, Dr. Mohammed Ali Dieda founded his own company.. In parallel with the advancement of the medical technologies in world , Dieda corporation was grew steadily. to become one of flourishing business companies in Yemen.

The experts from diferent Medical fields joined to Dieda corporation . About 80 experts , Dieda corporation has long since made a name. As an established, forward-looking company in the world  medical market.

It combine the expertise and the know-how acquired in 30 years of development and distributing of medical products. Based on 20 years of experience in medical project management, we expanded our extensive range even further to be the Largest medical company in Yemen.


Dida corporation aims to be the first choice locally and regionally in the field of medical supplies, with a high level of quality and leadership


Our mission is to provide all healthcare institutions (public, private, international organizations, civil society organizations) with the latest medical devices, equipment, supplies, and pharmaceuticals, in accordance with the highest quality standards. We also offer maintenance services for medical equipment to ensure continuous quality operation for all our customers post-sale. Our goal is to deliver healthcare services that are both qualitative and national, benefiting all members of society.


  • Quality
  • Professionalism
  • Leadership
  • Responsibility
  • Credibility
  • Accuracy

General Manager's word

Since the inception of Dieda Corp in 1996, we have worked diligently, professionally, and continuously to develop our company into a major provider of modern medical and educational products across all divisions. and be an important source for doctors, health workers, medical engineers, and medical universities.

We always strive to provide the latest international medical and educational products, and we are committed to constantly training medical personnel on the latest medical technologies to upgrade medical services to advanced levels that keep pace with global technological developments.

In order to meet the increasing demand for medical sector products, we look forward to expanding our relationships through strategic partnerships and providing new advanced products that open broader horizons for cooperation and building continuous business with our partners.

In parallel, we are developing innovative, cost-effective solutions that meet the needs of hospitals, medical centers, clinics, medical and diagnostic laboratories, doctors, and pharmacists. We will continue to focus on medical research and introduce new products and concepts that cover various aspects of medical specialties in the coming years.

We are committed to fulfilling our values based on excellence in quality, innovation in medical Appliances. in addition to transparency, reliability in the  fruitful cooperation with our various customers.
Deputy General Manager's Word
I am honored to be a part of Dieda Corporation, which is dedicated to providing the best possible services to our clients. Our main goal is to exceed expectations, and we are committed to achieving that. We are determined to continue our success and achieve the great goals set by our founder, Dr. Muhammad Ali Dieda.
As the Deputy General Manager, I work closely with the General Director to ensure that our company is running smoothly and efficiently. I am responsible for overseeing various projects, managing our team, and ensuring that we are meeting our goals and objectives.
In conclusion, I am proud to be a part of a company that is committed to delivering high-quality services and medical products to our clients. As the Deputy General Manager, I am dedicated to ensuring that we continue to meet and exceed expectations, and that we maintain a positive work environment that encourages growth and success.
Public Relations Representative
As the Public Relations Representative, I am dedicated to ensuring that  our corporation must be in the best communication. I am working closely with the management team to develop communication strategies that align with our corporation goals and values.I collaborate with other departments to ensure that our messaging is consistent across all channels by communicating effectively with our clients, arranging appointments and Regulating relationships.

Strategic objectives

  • First in the local market in providing services for the sale of medical devices, equipment, supplies, and pharmaceuticals according to the highest international standards.
  • Effective contribution to achieving sustainable international health development.
  • Continuous qualitative development and leadership in providing our services in the field of medical devices, equipment, supplies, and pharmaceuticals for all healthcare components in society.
  • Contribution to achieving national health development.