KLT-6210 N2+

KLT-6210 N2+

ROSON Economical and practical dental chair N2

Roson klt-6210 series dental comprehensive treatment chair, which provides customers with more convenient, more expensive dental chair. Klt-6210 series N2 + dental chair, complete seamless design, perfect appearance structure, to bring customers a new sense of experience.

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Product Name : Dental Comprehensive Dental Unit Model : KLT-6210  Serial Number: N2 + 1. Technical specifications: 1. Power supply voltage 220V- 50Hz 2. Motor voltage 24V 3. Air source pressure 0.5Mpa-0.8 Mpa 4. Water source water pressure 0.2Mpa-0.4 Mpa 2. Technical indicators: 1. Patient jewelry tray ★2. Large instrument tray 300*550mm , integral control panel and handle , hygienic antifouling mat 3. Four-bead LED oral light , induction and manual dual switch selection, induction stepless dimming, color temperature 4800 ~5500k, illumination 6000~32000lux ( brightness ) , light spot 80 * 160 mm , power 14W 4. Round ceramic spittoon basin, detachable and 180°rotatable 5. Assistant frame with tray and key board ★6. One-key water, air and electricity main switch controls the water, air and electricity of the equipment 8. The plastic parts of the whole machine adopt injection molding process, neat and beautiful, uniform in thickness, strong and durable 9. The box has a built-in tissue box 10. Rotatable right armrest ★11. Double water storage bottles are convenient for disinfection of the pipeline of the whole machine ★12. The cabinet can be rotated for four-handed operation
    1. Rotatable large hole mobile phone hanger
    2. Multifunctional foot control with flushing and water supply buttons
3. Product configuration  
1. 24V DC mute electric chair 1set
2. Quantitative water supply system for flushing phlegm and mouthwash 1set
3. Air lock type hanging tool tray 1set
4. Rotatable and removable ceramic spittoon 1set
5. Three-way syringe (cold/hot) 2sets
6. Multifunctional pedal control with flushing and water supply buttons 1set
7. Strong suction device 1set
8. Weak suction device 1set
9. Seamless PU seat cushion (foldable headrest) set
10. Built-in water storage bottle two sets
11. Built-in floor box (water/air/electric master switch device) set
12. Manual induction dual-purpose LED dental light set
LED film viewing light set
14. Main switch of water, air and electricity set
15. Armrest and backrest integrated doctor's chair set

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